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Business Mailing Lists

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Data Volume
Package Single use Campaign 3 Use Campaign
HTML Audit Audit of the technical structure of the HTML creative with recommendations to improve deliverability
Broadcasting Actual broadcast of the email campaign
End of Day Reporting Reports on Opens, Clicks and Bounces at the end of the day the campaign is launched
4 Day Reporting Reports on Opens, Clicks and Bounces 4 days after the campaign is launched
Profiling Profiling your existing customers to select the best 'x' records for your campaign
Progressive Profiling Carrying out an initial profiling exercise as above and then splitting the send and analysing opens and clicks from each campaign
Split Testing Testing different creatives and/or subject lines on a small sample of the data prior to roll out
Creative Build Building a pre-designed template into a working HTML
Creative Design Designing the creative utilising existing imagery and branding
Phone Numbers of Click Through Provide the telephone numbers of people that clicked on the campaign to enable telephone follow up
Cost £00.00 £00.00
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