Email Data for Google Customer Match

Target your precise audience with Google AdWords

Be in front of your customers and prospects in Google Search

Utilising Data HQ marketing lists we can append email addresses to your existing customer or prospect data, or simply supply new data for your target audience.

Then target your most appropriate contacts with email data uploaded into Google Customer Match.

  • Source your most relevant contact email addresses for upload and matching by Google
  • Profile your existing customers to inform data selection of additional emails to upload
  • Capture leads right when they are looking for your product/service
  • Allows you to build ads that are specifically designed to your selected target audience
  • Over 800,000 business emails

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Effective targeting with Google Adwords

Google has now launched Customer Match Targeting in Adwords. This allows you to upload a list of email addresses to target users searching on Google.

The tool will enable you to target different groups of clients more effectively and ensure your content is relevant to them.

By combining the power of the tool and our email data, you will be able to improve your click through rates and ultimately conversions to sale.

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Not enough email data to use Google Customer Match?

The Customer Match targeting requires a minimum of 1000 email addresses, associated to a Google product.

If your existing database doesn't meet this minimum then just get in touch to increase your database and unlock the power of Google Customer Match.

Reach your most relevant customers via Google AdWords, with the most appropriate advert messages.

Our experts are ready to help

We have dedicated teams focusing on both Mailing lists and Intelligent Data Marketing. Our Account managers are also adept at combining the right mix of services for you and your budget to support the most effective campaign results

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