Corporate Mailing Lists - Tim Holt's Interview with MarketingFile

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Our Managing Director Tim Holt was recently interviewed by MarketingFile to describe why we are the specialists in the supply of corporate mailing lists and how Corporate Contacts stands out from the crowd..

Below are the questions Tim answered from Marketing File during the interview:

What sets Data HQ aside from other data providers?

Data HQ has been established for more than 12 years, we employ circa thirty staff at our Head Office in Chelmsford. Data HQ was never established to sell lists, our roots are in providing consultative database marketing solutions, i.e. how to extract value out of managing, profiling and analysis of large customer databases. However, providing marketing lists has always been a common theme in all that we do and has become a key part of our business.

How and why was Corporate Contacts developed?

We have found that over the years one of the most sought after B2B list types is specific departmental contacts in large companies, these could be HR, IT, Sales, Marketing etc. For many years we tried and tested a myriad of different suppliers for this type of data. Most either had very low volume and virtually no email addresses, or larger volumes with very poor quality. There were a handful of suppliers that had good data but the cost and restrictions on use made them an unavailable option for many clients.

What type of database is Corporate Contacts?

Corporate Contacts is exactly what it says it is, Director and Manager contacts within large corporate companies. Our definition of a corporate company is £10m+ turnover and or 100+ staff. Essentially these companies are large enough to justify a departmental Manager or Director for the key business areas of IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Purchasing. 90% of the contacts on the database have an email address, 100% have full postal address and telephone number.

How is the data within Corporate Contacts compiled?

We research the data ourselves through our call center in the UK and one in the Philippines. Data is initially researched over the web and then telephone verified through the call centers. On any given day we have at least fifteen full time researchers working on the compilation and maintenance of the database.

What are the unique selling points/benefits of Corporate Contacts?

Accuracy of the information and quality of the information. We focus on the quality, reliability and relevance of the contact names and job titles. Unless a record has been confirmed within the last three months it is held back from the ‘live’ database until it has been verified.

How do you ensure the data within Corporate Contacts is the most accurate in the market?

We are never complacent with the quality, we do not compromise the quality for the sake of volume, if a contact record has not been verified within the last three months we simply won’t supply it to a client.

What criteria/selections are available within this database to ensure targeted data?

There are five main selections which can be used to ensure the client has targeted data: - Company Size: Turnover and number of employees - Vertical Market Sector: 66 different vertical markets - Contact level: Director or Manager and others - Job Title: 16 different Job functions - Geographical: Region, county, town and postcode area.

Which marketing channels can businesses use to contact prospective customers when using this database?

The two contact channels which are 100% guaranteed are post and telephone and 90% personal email

Who would benefit from using this database for their direct marketing activities?

Any company that sells or wants to sell to the corporate market place

If you could sum up Corporate Contacts in 3 words how would you describe it?

Value for money