Advantages of Bringing Consumer Data In-House

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Having been acting as brokers of consumer data for a number of years, relying upon preferred suppliers as well as back up to source data for clients, I’m pleased that we are now bringing Callcredit’s Define marketing database in-house on license.

The move, replicating the current in-house situation we already have with our B2B data, opens up new opportunities for us, and will provide greater agility in the way we deliver services in the future. With good working relationships with existing suppliers, we have never worried about the quality of the data being supplied; bringing the data in-house however offers 4 distinct advantages:


  • Ready access to the database will improve the ways we can deliver data to clients, predominantly by allowing greater flexibility with minimum orders. Not only does this ensure we can be competitive, but also allows us to utilise smaller volumes for testing purposes.


  • At DataHQ we stand by our lead times and always strive to provide data within a maximum 24 hour period. Having this database at our disposal gives greater control over the delivery of data, enabling us to respond faster in the future and continuing to keep our promises!


  • Having access allows us to drill down into data, cut it up and build the most relevant, high quality data lists possible based on customer requirements. Similarly, we can now run de-duplication activities on data and complete customer profiling and analysis exercises ourselves, helping to improve the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing campaigns.


  • Our suppliers have always provided great account managers but nothing compares to having the personnel responsible for requests in the same room. Not only does this improve communication, but allows for increased collaboration. All it now takes is a quick walk across the office and I can be speaking to the production team about the exact requirements of the project, working with them to build data that will maximise results.

These 4 advantages are just some of the ways that having such a vast universe of consumer data in house will improve our operational effectiveness. Not only is it an exciting development for the teams here, but as a large step into consumer data, it presents a considerable opportunity to work with new clients and offer even greater value to existing ones.