Consumer Mailing Lists - for prospect targeting

Detailed information on 44 million
consumers with over 300 different
selection criteria

Find and Target Your Ideal Customers

Whether you are looking to identify and target more customers like those you currently serve or are planning a marketing campaign in new areas, the right data can help you achieve your objectives.

At Data HQ we can provide detailed information on responsive consumers and give you the insight to launch profitable, targeted direct marketing initiatives.

Category Name Total Volume E-Mail Volume Enquire Data Card
Charitable Concerns78884231765584EnquirePrint
General Information4517772711851057EnquirePrint
Home Shopping41655171409487EnquirePrint
Money and Investments3991568710100665EnquirePrint
  • Responsive Individuals

    The consumers within our data lists are known to be responsive, ensuring that you maximise the revenue generated from direct marketing.

  • Comprehensive Categorisation

    With around 90 topics including leisure & Travel, motoring, healthcare and finance, we can help you to create a mailing list based on your business offering.

  • Extensive Selection Criteria

    Whether it is age, gender, household income or even the newspaper they read, with over 300 selection criteria you can find and define your target audience with precision.

  • Bulk Discounts & Account Manager

    For added value we are able to offer significant discounts if you require large amounts of data. You will also receive your own dedicated account manager with the expertise to help you select the best possible data for your needs.


  • One Channel Only:
    Postal or Email or Telephone
  • Two Channels:
    Either: Postal & Email, Postal & Telephone or Email & Telephone
  • Three Channels:
    Postal, Email & Telephone
  • Single Use Licence (per 1000 records)
  • £150
  • £225
  • £300
  • Two Times Use Licence
    (per 1000 records)
  • £175
  • £250
  • £330

Volume discounts are available, please contact us for details

The above prices are based on our in-house managed consumer database. Sometimes to get the best solution for you we may have to source data from an external supplier, therefore, prices are subject to change depending on the source of the data, but we will always let you know this in advance.

All consumer data purchases are subject to a minimum order of £310. All orders also include a Production and output fee of £60. All prices exclude VAT. All orders are subject to Data HQ Ltd terms and conditions of use.

Why Choose Data HQ?

The data we source is from reliable and reputable sources. In fact, as the UKs leading full service data agency we’ve built up strong commercial relationships with the country’s most recognised data providers. This means that when you choose Data HQ you are assured of getting the most accurate data to help you to maximise the returns of your marketing as well as customer service that is second to none.

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